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The KnitPro Mindful Collection is your new ally on your path to Mindfulness

It may sound surprising, but the knitting craft is a top candidate to become your favourite activity on your path to letting mindfulness into your life. Focussing on a repetitive process such as knitting forms the core of any contemplative praxis. The numerous mental health benefits of knitting have already been proven in medical and psychological studies. So why not take it one step further, and go mindful with your knitting?

When we knit, we place our attention on the soft, rhythmic actions of our knitting needles and the smooth flow of yarn running through our fingers. At some stage, any seasoned knitter has experienced the calming effect of the craft. But according to psychologists, knitting induces a measurable “relaxation response” in your brain, comparable to the effects of meditation, Tai Chi or yoga.

If you felt too anxious or nervous to practice meditation or yoga in the past, knitting may be your best new friend on your road to find tranquility and peace. The new KnitPro Mindful Collection of knitting needles and accessories to match has arrived to support you on your journey.

The KnitPro Mindful Collection is your new ally on your path to Mindfulness

Let us show you, how:

  1. All the knitting needles in our Mindful Collection are made of stainless steel, a fantastically green material that is entirely recyclable and leaves a carbon footprint close to 0. Additionally, the manufacture of our needles takes place in a fully eco-compliant plant and does not leave any toxic run-off. The needles from our Mindful Collection are made to last longer than a lifetime, they provide stability without ever feeling heavy.
  2. An inspiring mindful word on each needle body guides you in your mindfulness routine. All our Mindful knitting needles bear laser-printed mantras, such as breathe, exhale, relax, dream, serene, or explore.
    It is the underlying simplicity of these words that subconsciously aids you in breaking down blockades and opening up the limbic system in your brain. These mantras will help you achieve that state of “inner flow” and tranquility therapists have described in their studies. When knitting, try to meditate on the word on your needles and let your mind delve into its meaning.
  3. Needles, accessories and our Mindful Needle Sets come in ecological packing. Straight, circular and double pointed needles are available in boxes, made from recycled paper. All six needle sets from our mindful range as well as the accessories are packed in beautiful, handmade cases and pouches, crafted by skilled artisans. Our carefully designed wooden darning needles are kept in an elegant, round box made of natural beechwood.
  4. The subtle turquoise and teal hues of our needle cords, accessories and bags induce calmness and relaxation. The colours have been consciously chosen as they are particularly easy on the eye. Turquoise is a colour that is linked to the sea, and people attracted to it are said to be creative, serene and emotionally balanced. In return, the deep teal colour is said to have healing properties. Being usually associated with a calmer, rather reflective mood, teal also evokes optimism and spiritual enlightenment.
    To represent our Mindful Collection we have selected the blossoming lotus, a sacred and ancient symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Born out of the depth of muddy waters, the lotus flower opens their shiny petals every morning just like the rising sun.
  5. Our unabridged, Mindful Needle Sets cover all knitting requirements to help you express your creativity. Our designers have developed six comprehensive needle sets of interchangeable and fixed circular as well as double pointed knitting needles. The interchangeable sets include memory-free, swivel cables, capable of rotating by 360 degrees, while you are knitting along. It goes without saying that all our cords and needle joins provide the same, reliable and kink-free technology you already know from our previous sets.

The KnitPro Mindful Collection is your new ally on your path to Mindfulness

And these are the needle sets in our new collection:

  • With fourteen different needles of 13 cm length, the Gratitude Set is probably the most complete set for any knitter, and particularly those who like knitting lace. The set also contains four swivel cords and a vast array of accessories.
  • Our Believe Set includes seven interchangeable needles in popular sizes from 3 to 6 mm, three swivel cords and accessories such as darning needles and stitch markers to be stored in a multi-purpose necessaire.
  • The Mindful Warmth Set is a kit of shorter, interchangeable knitting needles, ideal for getting through smaller rounds. Eleven needle tips, ranging from 3 to 8 mm, three swivel cords of 40 to 56 cm of length make this a desirable needle set.
  • The Kindness Set is the little sister of our Warmth Set, and it is a versatile needle combination that brings together seven different needle tips (3 to 6 mm), two swivel cables and accessories galore.
  • Our Mindful Explore Set is perfect for knitting small circumferences. The beautiful round pouch includes eight fixed circular needles, ranging from 2.00to 6.00 mm. With these needles in your stash, knitting mittens, hats, socks and sleeves will be a delight.
  • And last but not least, our Grateful set  is our tribute to the art of knitting rounds on double pointed needles. The 15 cm long, stainless steel needles in the set cover seven different sizes (2 mm to 5 mm). The rectangular case also contains a zippered pouch with stitch markers, darning needles and a needle gauge.

The KnitPro Mindful Collection is your new ally on your path to Mindfulness

Even if it is only for half an hour every day, a conscious, mindful knitting practice is a wonderful way to find yourself entirely in the moment and relieve the stress of your day-to-day routine, or as Shakespeare had his Macbeth put it, “knit up the ravell’d sleeve of care.”

Learn more about how knitting and mindful meditation are related in this blog post. What will be your next mindful knitting project?

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