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Knitting for your Home with the Mindful Collection

Knitting for your home is a pleasure. A beautiful expression of your creativity with any pair of knitting needles (single-pointed, double-pointed, fixed or interchangeable circulars) you have in your craft collection. A home is many things: A place where we take shelter and relax, where families are raised, pets are sheltered, food is made and rest is taken. Home as a place of sanctuary and comfort is dear to any of us who are fortunate to have one. We deepen the pleasure of home when we practice and grow our talents there.

If you are fortunate to be a knitter or a crochet artist, there are many ways in which your craft can be used to enliven your home. Knitted home decor is timeless. It is the ideal way to brighten up your home with your creativity. You can make some useful and attractive things and identify your home as the place where a fiber artist lives. This is one of the reasons that the Mindful Collection, a special range of stainless steel knitting needles, was created to help turn your place of rest into a place of mindful well-being.

In this blog, let’s take you through some of the easy and quick knitting projects and patterns for your home. You can easily go ahead with a simple garter (all rows of knit stitches) or a stocking (alternate rows of knit and purl stitches) stitch pattern but for stockinette make sure to add a border to prevent its curling nature. In fact, knitting stocking stitch on circular needles is a quick practice of knitting that you can easily do on the go. Textured stitches work wonderfully for any project. Seed stitch, moss, basketweave or cables, any stitch pattern will bring a lot of liveliness to your home.

1. Blanket or Throw 

Knitting Blankets

Let’s say you would love to have a blanket or throw for your living room. There are many free patterns online. You can use one of these, or you can design and make one that features your signature colors. All you need is a knitting needle set and your ability to knit or crochet.

You can easily make one with a pair of circular knitting needles (make sure you have the cable length to accommodate the stitches. You can also knit squares of different colors on your single-pointed needles and seam them to make a blanket. You will have a very colourful throw that will also help you with cleaning your yarn stash. Refer to our earlier guide on knitting a blanket on circular needles.

A table runner to go with the throw would brighten up your home. It is as simple as a blanket but you need to change the measurements. The same goes for a mat or any other knitted flat project.

2. Pillows 

Knitted Pillow

If you would like to start with something smaller, accent pillows are another way to brighten a room. Linen and cotton yarns knit up beautifully and are year-round in usefulness. Natural fibers are a dream to knit with single-pointed needles. Make sure to use washable yarns to create removable covers so that you can freshen them up when needed. A chunky knit is a good option, the pillow cover will be comfy and cozy. You can also give colorwork knitting a try with a pillow. If you are new to knitting with colour, you need not worry you have chosen the right needles with the Mindful Collection. To know more, refer to our blog on why stainless steel knitting needles are best for colourwork.

3. Curtains 

Knitting curtains may seem overwhelming but they brighten up homes. There are so many options to choose from. Make some delicate lace knitting patterns or just make some beautiful borders and attach them to the curtains.

One of the sweetest kitchens I ever entered had lightweight cotton café curtains – crocheted by the owner of the house. She also happened to be a great baker famous for her recipe for a favorite fall cake – the classic plum torte.

4. Pet Bed 

Knitted Pet Bed

Pets require or actually demand a special section when it comes to knitting for them. For those of us who love our pets, and there are millions of us, here’s a comfy dog bed that you can create in your favorite color.  Just picture your loved pup in one made to coordinate with your home’s tones. This particular free pattern collection also has some wonderful additional patterns that will make you smile.

Besides the bed, your pet will appreciate a hand knit sweater too. It’s very easy to make one too.

5. Plant or Pot Holders  

Indoor plants are appreciated by just about everyone who enjoys home life.  Here is a house plant pot cover that will keep your plants nice, cozy and color-coordinated. Make sure to use fibers that “breathe” – to  let in light and air, as well those that are sturdy and washable  An Aran weight cotton or cotton blend is a good choice.  Tight stitches that can hold their shape are what is best for covers such as these.

Knitting Projects

For those of us who have been knitting for a while, these types of home projects are a great way to use up a wealth of left-over yarns. For people who are new to the craft, many of the patterns are simple and they are a wonderful way to practice the craft and improve skills. There are many other options to choose from.

The Mindful Collection stainless steel knitting needles were designed for your knitting pleasure as well as your good health. Many studies have shown that people who knit and crochet are gaining the benefits of meditation. The knitting needles will help you turn out beautiful objects for your home and improve your daily life as well.

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