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Top 5 Knitted Christmas Decorations for this Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner. With so little time and so much to do knitters are busy with their knitting needles to get their handmade gifts finished and wrapped up in time. Along with gifts, the festive season is the best time for knitted holiday decorations. Be it ornaments such as baubles or bells, décor such as wreaths or traditional stockings, handmade ones are simple the best!

To knit your favourite holiday decorations, you do not require a lot of time, some can be done in a few hours or days at best. All you need is to have

  • Yarn in the right size and shade. Your scraps or stash from previous projects will also do if you have ones in the right colour.
  • Knitting needles in the right size and right type for the projects. A pair of single pointed needles will work wonderfully for some quick back-and-forth knitting. A set of double-pointed needles will assist with even the smallest size of projects that are knit in the round. Circular needles work both for back-and-forth and round knitting. If you carry your knitting on your regular commute, it is the best option. A knitting needle set is the best bet if you would want to work with multiple knitting needle sizes. Stainless steel knitting needles are a good choice for quick knitting. You need to be fast and precise. They also are ideal for colourwork patterns.
  • Knitting accessories are knitting essentials that help you get done with the project. Have scissors, darning needles and stitch makers.

Once you have the supplies, you can look for a pattern or even do without one. Let’s get started.

1. The Christmas Mantle Stocking 

Christmas Mantle Stocking

A classic Christmas decoration, stockings can be knitted in a variety of sizes. If the stocking will only be used for home décor, then use a yarn that is chunky or bulky weight in wool or a blend. If you are confident in knitting socks, this will stitch up easily. The best thing is you don’t need a pair but even a single stocking would do the job. Refer to our guide on the best knitting needles for socks. Choose a size that matches the yarn weight. Though you can choose circular or double-pointed needles, the easiest way is to knit on single-pointed knitting needles and seam them using your teal darning needles.

Knit a gauge swatch with the knitting needles and yarn you’ll be using for the project. Bind off and wash the tension square. Block the swatch with blocking tools. Take a measuring tape and calculate the row and stitch gauge.

Cast on stitches and work two inches of ribbing. You can choose any rib stitch pattern such as k2, p2 on the right side rows and p2, k2 on the wrong side rows. Work about 10 cm in stocking stitch pattern (alternating rows of knit and purl stitches). Shape the heel with your preferred method. For the toe section, keep them wide. This will help you store gifts or candies.

You can knit the stocking in a single shade of red or white. Or create a striped effect with shades or red, white and green knitting with one shade for 2 rows after knitting the cuff. If you have the pattern snowflake or reindeer are beautiful effect.

2. Christmas Tree Stars  

Christmas Tree Stars

Knitted Christmas Tree Stars are lovely! They look impressive and even dress up a wrapped gift. For this too, your stash will do. You will have leftovers from projects that will be enough for the project.

There are many ways to knit stars. You can knit with double-pointed needles in the round. Or, use the single-pointed needles to knit the star points in small pieces and then seam them together with the same yarn on another lighter-weight yarn.

3. Christmas Tree Balls  

For Christmas balls knit in the round in a stocking or garter stitch on double-pointed needles. Textured patterns also look wonderful such as loop stitches. Add different yarn shades for a colourful effect or use a shiny thread with the yarn for a sparkly effect.

Do not stop at knitting one or two, make more to decorate your homes and Christmas trees. A bunting with multiple stars and balls will definitely decorate your home and put you in the spirit of Christmas.

4. Christmas Tree  

A Christmas tree is the ideal Christmas decoration. You can knit it in multiple sizes. A flat tree requires only a simple pattern or k and p. You just need to knit for a few rows with some increase and decrease. You can also use the method of knitting short rows with the warp and turn technique. Similar to the tree, you can make the shape of mistletoes and seam them together for a beautiful effect.

5. The Holiday Wreath  

A knitted wreath is a beautiful way to decorate your home for the festive season. Wreaths can be made in a variety of sizes and styles. This project is the ideal opportunity to show your knitting prowess. Experiment as much as you want with different knitting techniques, stitches and Christmassy colours. You can use a readymade base and then dress it up with a knitted fabric of garter or stocking stitches. You can also experiment with cable knitting for the textured feel. If you are confident with knitting I-cord then you can make many and braid them to assemble a wreath. Our previous guide on knitting an I-cord with different knitting needles will be of help. Cute yarn balls or pom-poms also can be made and assembled for a wreath.

Besides, these three Christmas decorations you can knit dishcloths or coasters, cushion covers or even a throw. A snowflake coaster or a set would love beautiful on your dining table as you sit together to have a grand time with your loved ones. Knitted crackers or toffees can also grace your home.

Now that you’ve so many options that can be knitted quickly, get your hands on knitting needles that work quickly for you. Stainless steel knitting needles from the Mindful Collection are available in options of single-pointed, double-pointed, fixed circular as well as interchangeable circulars in a range of standard sizes. Cast on the knitting needles and begin. You will be getting much-needed motivation from the inspirational words imprinted on the needle tip.

Happy Christmas!

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