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5 Reasons to Invest in Mindful Knitting Needles Set

A knitting needle set is an investment in your craft. And, when it’s from the Mindful Collection, you not only get the benefits of multiple needle sizes, cable lengths and accessories, all at your fingertips, you get a thoughtfully designed knit meant for mindful knitting. If you’re a knitter on a budget, you’d be right to research about a needle set before you hit your favourite yarn shop. The Mindful Collection offers needle sets in options of fixed circulars, interchangeable circulars as well as double-pointed needles. An exceptional feature is that each stainless steel knitting needle has an inspirational word imprinted on the tip that makes the knitter focus on the meditative aspects of the craft.

Investing in needle sets has a lot of benefits. You get endless opportunities for your projects. For most avid knitters, interchangeable needles are a smart investment. With multiple needle tips and cables, the set offers many needle combinations of sizes and lengths. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Convenience 

Having multiple needle sizes is convenient for many reasons. You may be working on a project or just making a swatch according to the pattern instructions but then you need a size smaller or bigger to get a gauge. With a needle set, you can be confident that you’re properly equipped for just about any project.

If you own a set of interchangeable needles you can switch the needle tips and cord lengths according to the need of the project. You can easily knit in the round as well as back in forth with circular knitting needles. If you are a knitter with many WIPs, you will have additional cables to hold projects at the ready secured with needle stoppers put on the cord ends.

2. Storage 

A big collection of knitting needles can quickly turn into a mess. Having needle sets means having organized storage. A needle case is compact, organized and often attractive. You will have pockets and sections for needle tips, cables and even accessories. This is also a convenient option for taking your knitting needles and even your project for a weekend getaway or a holiday.

3. Versatility 

The Mindful needle sets are versatile. With different sizes and accessories, you can be prepared for all kinds of knitting projects. In case you have an interchangeable needle set, you can easily knit a pair of socks to a wide blanket. The circular needles have extra accessories to attach cables and sometimes two or more extra lengths.

Knitting Needles Set

4. Portability 

Similar to organized storage, sets are wonderful for their portability. Pack the set in the corner of your tote to take it to the beach or park or even your regular commute. For holiday knitting, just tuck it into the suitcase. Also when you need to test some hand spun or hand dyed wool at the market or attend a Yarn Fest, the needle set can be carried to the event to give the yarn a try. Simply cast on and make a few stitches and you’ll know a lot about the yarn.

3. Cost 

Individual knitting needles, depending on brand, material, and size can cost more. When you have needle sets you have multiple combinations that work for various projects. With an interchangeable needle set, say if you have 5 needle pairs and 5 cables you can create at least 25 different combinations of length and needle size. On average, a set of interchangeable needles will cost less than what would be needed to buy each needle separately. Also, there are a few needle sizes and lengths that you would require only for a few projects and having them in a set will save you from buying individual sizes.

This is all we have to convince you to invest in a knitting needle set. Your reasons may be different than ours but ultimately your craft will benefit.

Knitting Needles from the Mindful Collection 

Interchangeable Needles Set

Now that you’ve got the reasons to invest in knitting needle sets, let’s take a look at the Mindful Collection. There are six comprehensive needle sets of interchangeable and fixed circular as well as double pointed knitting needles. The interchangeable sets besides needle tips include memory-free, swivel cables, capable of rotating by 360 degrees.

With twelve needles of 3mm - 12mm (US 2.5 -17) of 13 cm (5") in length, the Gratitude Set is a complete set for any knitter, particularly those who like knitting lace. The set also contains four swivel cords in 60, 80 & 100cm and a vast array of accessories including stitch markers.

The Believe Set includes seven interchangeable needles of 13 cm (5") length in popular sizes from 3 to 6 mm (US 2.5 - 6), three swivel cords and accessories such as darning needles and stitch markers stored in a folding rectangular case.

The Warmth Set is a kit of 10cm (4") interchangeable knitting needles, ideal for smaller round projects. The eleven needle tips range from 3 to 8 mm (US 2.5 – 15), three swivel cords of 40, 48 and 56 cm along with accessories that make it a prized possession for knitters.

The Kindness Set offers a versatile needle combination that brings together seven different needle tips (3 to 6 mm), two swivel cables of 40 & 56 cm and accessories.

The Explore Set is perfect for knitting small circumferences as well as lace knitting projects. The eight Fixed Circular needles of 25cm (10") range from 2.00 to 6.00 mm come in a beautiful round pouch with handy accessories including folding scissors.

And last but not least, the Grateful set has 15 cm (6") double pointed needles. The stainless steel needles come in seven different sizes (2 mm to 5 mm) in a zippered rectangular pouch with stitch markers, darning needles and a needle gauge.

With these sets you are ready to tackle any knitting project. Be it a pair of socks or a blanket, garments to home décor and everything you would want to knit with yarn, the knitting needles and sets will assist with all your crafts. Practice mindful knitting enjoying every moment and relieving the stress of the day-to-day routine, or as Shakespeare had his Macbeth put it, “knit up the ravell’d sleeve of care.”

What will be your next knitting project with your Mindful knitting needle sets?

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