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Knitting Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the right time to express your love. As a knitter, the best way to truly express your emotions is with your craft. All you need is your knitting needles and yarn. Your handmade gifts are a wonderful way to show someone how much you care. Be it a pair of socks or a hat, a snuggly blanket or home decor, make your someone special feel all the more special. Even knitting is self-love and the biggest gift you can give yourself of mindfulness.

Whether you're a beginner knitter or an experienced one, there are many fun knitting projects and patterns that are perfect for Valentine's Day. You can explore new patterns or just do with the old ones and just make them in your favorite colour. So, do not fret, we have some ideas for knitting a quick gift for your loved one.

So, let's get started.

Gather Yarn 

Yarn is what will help you create magic so it is important to choose right. You can buy a new skein or two in lovely colours or use the leftovers from your stash.

  • Red yarn for Love and Passion. If your Valentine is someone you are passionate about, red yarn knows to cast that spell. Pantone's Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750 has its roots in red. You can follow the latest trend and make it a part of your lovely gift.
  • Pink shows your appreciation. You can feel friendly love for a mentor, a friend, or a family member. So take a pretty shade of pink to knit them some love. There is a wide palate to choose from the lightest to the most vibrant shades.
  • White is a Symbol of Purity and makes for a pretty lace knitting pattern. You can make anything from white or even team with red and pink.
  • Orange Shows your Passion. A pretty orange shade will brighten up any project or pattern so be carefully selective.
  • Green in Yearning for expected love and a good shade for the upcoming spring season. You can use this lovely shade for the young ones, say for example your favorite sibling or their children.
  • Purple means that you have been enchanted and is a beautiful shade to make any project.
  • Yellow is for Friendly Love and definitely a shade to bring in brightness and vigor hinting at the warm summer days.


Knitting Needles for your Valentine's Gifts 

Knitted Needles for Valentine's' Gifts

You can make your Valentine’s Gifts with any knitting needles you own. Just make sure you have the right needle size to match the yarn weight. Single-pointed needles are right for a quick project of back-and-forth knitting. Double-pointed needles will help you with quick socks and accessories. Circular needles are a versatile range that can assist with any knitting project whether it is back-and-forth or round knitting. In fact, if you are a knitter on the go, having circular needles opens up a plethora of opportunities. Knitting needle sets are also a good choice for having multiple needles and accessories in one place.

Besides your knitting needles, make sure to have your knitting accessories ready. Use stitch markers, scissors, a row counter, darning needles, blocking tools, etc. to have your gift of love ready smoothly and quickly over the weekend or in a day or two.

So, what can you knit for your Valentine?

1.  A Pair of Socks 

Knitting a pair of socks is true love. Make a sweet pair of socks with a heart motif or one in a shade that expresses your feelings. Refer to our guide on knitting socks. You can work with your trusted double-pointed needles or take up the circulars for the magic loop or two socks at a time.

2. Hat 

A pretty shade and a circular knitting needle in the right length will have your hat or beanie finished in no time at all. You do not need a pattern too, just the size of the hat's height and circumference. A simple stockinette pattern looks great but if you are a fan of textured stitches then seed, moss, bobble and other patterns make them extra special. Even colourwork looks the best. Our beginner’s guide to knit a hat is a good place to start.

The steps of knitting a hat work for a cowl, leg warmers and fingerless mittens. You basically make a tube with the right fit.

3. Scarf 

A scarf is the best way to wrap your loved one in warmth and your feelings. A chunky weight yarn in the simple garter or stocking stitch pattern looks wonderful. Here too you can experiment with patterns and colours. Another way to spell your love is to add sweet sayings in the scarf with duplicate stitches or some colourwork knitting.

If you have the time and resources, a chunky wool throw or blanket can be created the same way. Simple back-and-forth knitting with decorative edges.

4. Cuddly Heart Shaped Pillow 

Knitting heart-shaped pillows can be a great way to express self-love this Valentine's Day. The bobble stitch adds an extra dimension to the pillow, while the seed stitch creates a beautiful texture and stocking stitch will make sure it looks amazing. With knitting needles, you just need to make two hearts and stuff them up and create a cuddly pillow. You can also make a star shape pillow to show how they light up your universe.

5. A sweater or a shrug 

Handknit garments are love for the wearer and definitely for the maker. Though a time-taking project, the sweater or shrug is a great gift. If you got the right size, make one in chunky wool. Add some sweet sayings or just a heart motif and make them feel special.

With this, have fun making wonderful gifts for your love. The Mindful Collection offers a range of knitting needles and accessories to explore the mindful aspects of knitting. Stainless steel knitting needles have an inspirational word imprinted on them that helps the knitter focus. Teal shades and mindful imagery make the collection special for the knitter and help them express their creativity.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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