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How to Knit with Double Pointed Needles?

Double-pointed knitting needles (DPNs) have a special place among knitting tools. They have been the oldest existing tool for knitting in the round. Though circular knitting needles are an alternative, DPNs remain a favorite for circular knitting projects, especially the smallest circumferences.

To knit with double-pointed needles is a challenge but a worthwhile one. Unlike typical needles that work in a pair, DPNs work in a set of five. A new knitter may not feel confident working with them but with time and practice, who knows it might become your favorite option to knit in the round. In this blog, we’ll dive into the topic of knitting with double-pointed needles

Step 1 - Casting on

Knitting with double-pointed needles might require casting on stitches on three or four needles, depending upon the circumference you would need. The fourth or fifth needle is kept free for knitting.  If you are following a pattern, they will mention the needles needed.

  • Use any cast-on method but make sure that the stitches are not very tight as you have to move the stitches around.
  • Hold the needle with cast stitches in your left hand. Distribute the stitches from the first needle to the second and then the third and fourth (if needed). Make sure to not drop any stitches and have consistent tension on the yarn.

For example, if you cast on 20 stitches, and you need to work with 3, then needles 1 & 2 can carry 7 stitches and needle 3 will have 6 stitches on it. In the case of working with four needles, each will have 5 stitches. Place a stitch marker between the last 2 stitches on your last needle to mark the end of the round. Though not a necessary step, this benefits the knitter to mark the end of the round.

Step 2 - Joining the Round

Now, you have a needle arrangement with cast on stitches on three or four needles, your next step is to join the round. Remember the free needle of the set? Now is the time to use it. Hold the needle with the first cast-on stitches in your left hand and the empty needle in the right. Insert the tip into the first stitch on your left needle and knit. With each stitch, the needle on the left handle will become empty.

Now, hold the needle with cast on stitches on the left and the empty needle on the left. Knit the stitches and once again your stitches will be transferred and the needle will become empty.

Keep knitting one by one the stitches on the needle, you’ll always have an empty needle to work with. Place stitch markers at the end of the round.

Maintain a tight square or triangle shape by knitting tightly in the corners and keep knitting as the pattern instructs or till you have got to the length you have planned.

join the round knitting with double pointed needles

Step 3 - Knitting and Finishing Your Piece

Managing the needle arrangement might seem challenging, but after a couple of rows, you will feel confident seeing your project take form.

Some patterns will require you to cast off the stitches (i.e. arm warmers) while others will instruct you to slide the stitches off onto a short piece of yarn, then gather them tightly. Your knitting pattern can also provide alternatives to weave off or use the kitchener set.

There might also be a possibility that you transfer the stitches to a circular knitting needle for rest of the project.

Mindful Collection’s double-pointed knitting needles

As knitters, you know that the right tools can elevate your knitting ability and result in a beautiful outcome. If you are a mindful knitter or one who believes knitting to be at par with meditation, you know the power of your knitting tools.  DPNs are a specialty tool for knitting in the round, especially the smallest circumferences. The fun of working on the needles gets all the more special when you the eco-friendly stainless steel that offers a smooth glide to your stitches and keeps your mind at rest with zero carbon emissions.

double pointed knitting needles

The needles in the collection assist knitters with a smooth surface and a pleasurable knitting experience. They are easy on the hand and ensure a smooth, no-snag stitch glide. The best part about working with Mindful double-pointed needles is that each needle tip carries a motivational word that is unique to the size.

If you find knitting with DPNs pleasurable, the Grateful Set is a worthwhile investment in your craft. This set of five DPNs in 15cm double point needles in sizes 2.0-5.0mm is ideal for projects of knitting lace and fingering weight yarns. Packed in a beautiful case with the Mindful floral motif, the case comes with a separate zippered pouch there are wool needles, a needle gauge and a variety of stitch markers.

Mindful Collection treats mindful knitters with its exclusive range of knitting needles and accessories. Ready to be a mindful knitter? Explore our website.

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