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7 Tricks and Tips for Mindful Knitting

Are you impressed with speed knitting? Do you want to know how to knit faster? Speed knitting comes after lots of practice, but there are a few tips that can help you to knit faster. Let me tell you a secret: To knit faster you need to develop a smooth knitting style. With the following tips, you can learn to knit more quickly. 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Like all skills, knitting takes practice and the more you knit, the better and faster you get. Make as much time for knitting as possible.  Schedule time daily for your creative craft and you’ll thank yourself later. While devoting time is important, it is just as necessary to knit without distractions. Music certainly helps to set the mood.  Get a playlist ready before you begin. Focus on your knitting needles, and the feel of the yarn and concentrate on each stitch.  Over time, the movements will become a habit - a rather creative onet!

It is a good idea to participate in knit-alongs (KALs) in your community. Check online or at your LYS. You will have a reason to knit more and you will speed up. When like-minded people meet, you may find a good vibe that will certainly do wonders for your knitting.

2. Learn to knit without looking

Learning to knit without looking requires a lot of practice, and can be mastered with time. You will be challenged when you begin, but, slowly your muscle memory will kick-in.  Over time your hands will be doing all the work for you without you looking down.

Once you get used to knitting without looking, you can knit pretty much anywhere:  while watching your favourite show, at the theatre, during your commute, or even while catching up with friends and family. With time, you will notice a substantial increase in your output, and you will finish a project in less time.

We recommend using a simple pattern (mainly knit and purl stitches) to start with, so you don’t have to constantly refer to it while you knit. 

3. Switch to a different knitting style

When we first begin knitting we adopt the style taught to us and find it easy to continue doing so. Trying out different knitting styles is always a good option if you want to knit more quickly. While there are many different methods to choose from, knitters seem to agree that continental knitting and flicking are the fastest.  It is worth trying out other techniques. The Portuguese knitting style is also well-known for its fast and easy style.

Switch to a different knitting style

3. Get comfortable

Knitting can be much more fun if you are comfortable.  You need to be seated comfortably since the right knitting position can do wonders for your speed, Many knitters find it easy to sit cross-legged with lots of room on either side for moving elbows, Some prefer a comfortable rocking chair or chairs without side arms which allow your elbows to move freely.  Experiment and see what works best for you. Do keep in mind that the area you choose must be well-lit.  Be sure to take breaks, and stretch your hands. You can also learn about the best stretches for knitters in our blog.

4Knit Looser

You may have heard this: The tighter you knit, the more difficult it will be to insert your needle into a stitch and harder to pull the yarn through.  Knitting looser stitches will allow you to insert the needle into the stitch smoothly and there will be less resistance when pulling the yarn through.

5. Tension your yarn efficiently

Every knitter is different and each has a unique way to tension yarn. To knit faster, it’s recommended you experiment with different tensioning methods and find the one that works for you. If the yarn doesn’t glide effortlessly, it will certainly slow you down, so changing the way you tension your yarn is essential. 

You need to find a tension that isn't too loose to knit nor too hard to pull out more yarn. You can weave the yarn through your fingers rather than wrapping them or let it lie flat in your palm. The goal is to tension it so that it moves smoothly and in a way that works best for you.

Tension your yarn efficiently

6. Switch your knitting needles

We always prefer our old and trusted knitting needles over others, but sometimes switching the tools helps you knit faster. 

If you are working with wood or bamboo and find your yarn resisting, try out smooth aluminium, stainless steel, acrylics or carbon fibre needles. If you find yourself dropping stitches on the metals, you can choose wood or bamboo. Our entire range of cuboid (square) needles is smooth with tapered points that help to knit faster. A lot of knitters report that square needles are easier on arthritic hands and fingers.

Switch your knitting needles

7. Keep your Knitting Tools & projects organized

Mindful knitting projects require special care. You need to get them secure with stitch markers and needle stoppers. Many times the knitting can get snagged, stitches can easily slip off the needles leading to dropped stitches and, the yarn can get tangled up. However, using a knitting bag keeps your project neat and tangle-free. It is also a place to store your yarn, knitting accessories and extra knitting needles. A knitting tote provides portability and organized storage. Needle cases are also perfect to keep your tools in pristine condition. You can also invest in needle sets that come packed in attractive cases with space for organising all accessories.

Keep your Knitting Tools & projects organized

You will also get comfortable taking your knitting projects while traveling, knitting outdoors and wherever you wish!

Hopefully, you will try out the above tricks and tips to learn how to knit faster. You can follow our blogs for more information on knitting needles, styles, and tips.

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