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7 Accessories that make Knitting Enjoyable & Easier

Ask a knitter what knitting means to them and you’ll have many different answers. It is creative, it is healing, it is soothing and it is life-changing. While knitters have their different reasons, they will agree that besides knitting needles, accessories make the craft enjoyable and easier.
No matter where you are on the knitting journey, there is no doubt that the world of knitting accessories can be overwhelming. Even after you get yourselves knitting needles or a set that you enjoy working with, there are so many extra bits and bobs being offered and oh, so many options. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basic top 7 knitting accessories you need in your project bag. These are universal must-haves for anyone who works with yarn, whether you use knitting needles or a crochet hook.

1. Sharp Scissors

Sharp scissors are essential when working with yarn. You can use any of the scissors that you already own in your household, but at some point, you’ll want something better. When you’re ready to invest in scissors dedicated to your knitting, living in your project bag, the best option is something compact, yet sharp.

Take a look at the Rainbow Folding Scissors of the Mindful Collection. They are ideal for travel. They also fold down to keep the points safely tucked inside preventing accidental injury to the user or while rummaging through your craft collection.

Folding Scissors

2. Accurate Tape Measure

Knitting garments is fun. Every knitter, beginner, or experienced will create projects that require measurements. If you’re making projects where the gauge is vital or which require you to knit a particular stitch for a specific length before changing colours or pattern, you’ll need an accurate tape measure. A retractable tape measure means it retracts without your personal labour. It is portable and won’t get tangled with your yarn or go rolling away across the floor when you need it!

These Mindful tape measures come in an attractive shade of teal and feature the pretty Mindful Mandala logo. It certainly solves your measuring woes.

Retractable Tape Measure

3. Stitch Markers

There are almost as many reasons to mark a stitch on your project and switch markers are handy for the purpose. You need them to mark the beginning of a round, the underarms of a garment, sections of a row where specific pattern changes happen . . . the list goes on and on.
Stitch markers are vital to the success of so many projects. Removable stitch markers are particularly handy in that you don’t run the risk of accidentally stitching them permanently into your project. The most important thing, after you find a type you like, is to make sure they’re not too heavy or too wide.

The Mindful markers come in a variety of shades of teal in multiple sizes in a cute pouch. If you are a mindful knitter, especially fond of meditation, the chakra stitch markers are wonderful to have.

Stitch Markers

4. Darning Needle

Weaving in your yarn ends is an important step in finishing a project. You cannot leave the ends flapping in the breeze or tie a knit and cut the tail too short. A darning needle assists you with securing the ends of yarn into your stitches. This will keep your project from unravelling and create a neat, professional finish. Blunt wood tapestry needles work well for the weaving in the ends part. The blunt head will not damage the yarn or tear the stitches.
Like knitting needles have different sizes, darning needles too come in different sizes. It’s best to have a set of needles so that you have one according to your project.

Darning Needles

5. Project Bag

Project bags makes the list of essential knitting accessories! It can be frustrating to rummage through your project bag, trying to find your tools. You would like your stitch markers floating in the bag, tangled up in the yarn or scissors lost in the depths of your bag. However, if you keep everything organized you can greatly improve your making experience. Tote bags, small bags and even needle sets can help you stay organized. Besides, keeping your tools, accessories and even the projects safe, it helps you carry your knitting wherever you go. Be it your daily commute to your workplace, soaking in the sun at the park or even on vacations.

Knitting Project Bags

6. Row Counter

In knitting, every stitch counts and forgetting the count of the stitch or row is a disaster in making. Row counters are essential to have to make knitting enjoyable and easier. In complicated patterns, it is definitely a live saver.

Knitting Row Counter

7. Blocking tools

Knitting is soothing and after you have completed your project, your yarn needs to be soothed. As you have twisted the yarn, manipulated it and made it into a garment or accessory, you need to relax your yarn. Blocking tools helps you do that. After a wash, you can block the project. This is especially useful in lace knitting patterns.
Blocking tools

Did your favourite notion make our top 7 list? We’d love to hear what you can’t do without. Share your thoughts with us! If you are new to mindful knitting, follow our blog for tips, patterns, and inspiration.



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