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Knitting as a Healthcare Tool

Knitting is no longer just a hobby, it is the prescription for health and wellbeing. While knitters have professed the health benefits of knitting for a long time, scientific research have proven the facts. Ask a knitter their reason to knit and you’ll have so many inspirational answers. Some took their first knitting needles from their mother or grandmother and it became their language of love. Some took knitting to distract themselves from a sad medical prognosis such as cancer or depression. From cancer survivors to ones dealing with trauma to people finding joy in making, knitting is the modern healthcare tool.

While meditation, yoga and other similar activities were believed to be life-changing habits, knitting has proven its worth in helping to bring calm to body, mind and soul in times of stress, anxiety or pain. Amazing, right? In this blog we’ll take you through points that indicate knitting as healthcare tool. And, by the end of our post, we are pretty sure you’re going to be reaching for yarn and knitting needles!

In the words of Olympic gold-medal-winning diver, Tom Daley, "The one thing that has kept me sane throughout this whole process is my love for knitting and crocheting and all things stitching." Like him, there are millions who have taken up knitting in recent days as a healthcare and wellness regime. Mindful knitting has become one of the biggest self-care trends worldwide and has drawn so many people to pick up knitting as a hobby, which is comprehensible considering its many psychological and physical health benefits.

Some of the benefits of knitting include:

  1. Helps with anxiety and reduce depression - Recent research shows what many knitters already know in their hearts. Knitting calms anxiety and relieves stress. When you knit, the focus is on the feel of yarn and needles. You find your blood pressure at a stable level. You breathe in and out. Also, the happiness of making a garment for yourself or as a gift further promotes happy hormones such as serotonin. There is a strong connection was revealed between knitting and feelings of calm and happiness.

Knitting to reduce anxiety, depression

  1. Helps With Chronic Pain - Many people around the world, of all different age groups and backgrounds dealing with chronic pain, both mental and physical have benefitted from knitting. They have found the repetitive act of knitting very helpful in managing pain.
  1. Promotes Social Connection – Knitting is a social activity that promotes connection and the sense of community. Most knitters take up knitting to learn from loved ones. It is also a chance to give back as a gift. Also, there are many ways to knit for charity (KALs). It can help with feelings of depression and loneliness.

Knit Along

  1. Creative outlet – In the busy schedules of modern days, there is hardly any me time. Knitting is one creative way of expression. You get to make time for yourself, design your own clothes and accessories and feel proud of your creations. Expressing creativity is good for health and the environment.

Showing creative attractive knitting project

  1. Wellness Regime - Knitting offers an escape for the mind while providing the hands with something to do. Ask knitters around the world why they love knitting, many love the joy of creating something from nothing, sharing something with a loved one and the happy and contented feeling it gives them. The beauty of knitting is that every journey is unique, therefore it is recommended to start your own journey to better mental health.

Now that you have learnt everything there is to knitting as a healthcare tool, let us introduce you to the knitting collection designed for mindfulness. The Mindful Collection has made of stainless steel, an eco-friendly material that leaves a carbon footprint close to 0. The design of single, double pointed, fixed circular and interchangeable circular needles is cutting edge - they are easy to hold and work with on all skill levels. All packaging is either made from recycled materials or handcrafted from sustainable, natural sources.

Moreover, each needle comes with a meditative word, laser-printed onto the body, such as breathe, exhale, relax, dream, serene, or explore. This inspiring mantra will guide knitters in their mindfulness routine and help them get into a kind of “inner flow” while exercising. Focusing on the word has a mindful benefit that keeps the maker chanting it like a mantra and in turn sees the effect in their craft.  The subtle turquoise and teal shades of cables, accessories, bags and more evokes calmness and optimism. The comprehensive needle sets cover the requirements of knitters of all types and skill levels.

Want to learn more? Follow our blog for more updates on knitting and mindfulness. Just be warned, knitting is addictive and once you start you might not be able to stop! Your knitting will be changed for this life!

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